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Construction Companies Unhappy with Awarding of Tenders

“Government needs to change, they cannot just give one person five to six tenders in a year while there are other companies that are not getting anything,” said Johannes Alugodhi from Alugodhi Construction & Renovation cc. Alugodhi said most of the big companies are also in competition with Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), while some tenders advertised are specifically stating that it is for SME’s only.
Also feeling the financial impact facing the local construction companies in the country, Mr. Tabbie Barnard from Barncor Construction cc said Government must not allocate projects to foreign companies but rather to local companies in order for the Private Sector to pick up again. Barnard said he is still awaiting payment from Government, saying that it is worrisome.
The Construction Industries Federation (CIF) in a media statement stressed that in order to further protect and regulate the industry, it is important that a National Construction Council be established as soon as possible that would ensure that every business operating in the industry would be licensed and that the size of a company is linked to the size of the project, when awarding contracts.
Meanwhile, Gordon Goeieman from Becky Construction cc said with projects that have been scaled down it is hard on the construction industry but he sees a light at the end of the tunnel for the construction sector.

In this week’s Spotlight News we sat down with Alugodhi from Alugodhi Construction & Renovation cc, Mr. Tabbie Barnard from Barncor Construction cc and Gordon Goeieman from Becky Construction cc on:
– Government tenders,
– The awarding of projects to foreign companies,
– Budget allocated for economic and infrastructure development
– The way forward for the industry,
– SME development etc.






-Maggie Forcelledo