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CRAN empowers communities through tech-hub and e-village

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) has reinforced its commitment to promoting universal access to information and digital services with a recent donation. CRAN handed over seven (7) computers and internet services for a period of 24 months valued at an estimate of N$200,000 to the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture on 19 March 2024 in Windhoek.

These resources will benefit two (2) identified libraries in the Khomas Region, namely the library at the National Training Authority (NTA) premises in Khomasdal and the library at the Councillor’s Office in Khomasdal North.

This initiative underscores CRAN’s dedication to fostering digital inclusion and economic empowerment for all Namibian citizens. As part of its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives, CRAN is spearheading the establishment of tech-hubs and e-villages in collaboration with the Government Republic of Namibia. These community centers will serve as vital hubs for bridging the digital divide,
expanding universal access, and fostering innovation and youth engagement in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) nationwide.

The provision of essential technology resources through this project aims to empower individuals and communities to maximize their potential. Tech-Hubs and e-Villages offer collaborative spaces where people can access computers, internet, and other technology resources, thereby promoting digital literacy, innovation, and socio-economic development.

Speaking at the occasion, CRAN’s Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Emilia Nghikembua, emphasised that “the Authority hopes to make a meaningful contribution to the development of our country and the well-being of our people, not just through licensing and regulating the provision of telecommunication
services, but also through ensuring that communities benefit from these services. We believe that access to technology is a basic human right, and that everyone should have the opportunity to learn, connect, and succeed in the digital age.”

In her keynote address, Deputy Minister of Education, Arts and Culture, Honourable Faustina Caley, stated that “in a rapidly evolving digital age, it is imperative that we equip our schools, libraries, and communities with the tools they need to thrive in the 21st century. The donation of computers and internet services by CRAN will not only bridge the digital divide, but also empower our students and educators to unlock their full potential and reach new heights of achievement.” CRAN’s mandate and strategic goal of expanding coverage for ICT includes the improved performance and service delivery through various efforts, one of which is digitalisation, and to promote infrastructure development as a catalyst for economic growth, social progression, and a contributor to global competitiveness and investment attraction. Moreover, the Authority remains steadfast in its mandate to facilitate the growth
and accessibility of the ICT sector in Namibia, ensuring that all citizens have access to high-quality products and affordable rates.