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Cultivating Self Love Through Introspection

This episode of MYD Heart features trendsetter, comedian and creative, Sibongile Tshabalala. 

Never one to box herself into one description, ‘Sibo’ as she is affectionately known, is also an avid writer and blogger.

She shares her tips for how to achieve self love through introspection. 

“I have rediscovered the love that I have for spending quality time with myself, so that’s just the one thing that I would like to share. By spending time with yourself, I don’t mean spending time in front of the television, because that’s who you spending time with, your series, and your Netflix and your Showmax or whatever it is,” she says.

 She now prefers spending time alone as that allows for a level of introspection that is not possible in the presence of other people or technological distractions. 

“I love taking walks, I love writing, I love journaling, I love the stillness of the silence of my own soul, because a lot of times we have these conversations that happen in our own minds, but they always happen in passing,” she shares.

These conversations with self, she says, allows one to discover more about yourself, the people and the world around you.

“It feeds my being, and it really makes my life holistic, whether it is my own personal journey or it is my job or my career or certain projects that I want to do. Things always seem to spark up whenever I have that, hey girl, hey Sibo, how you doing Sibo, I’m doing great Sibo,” she says. 

Sibo recalls a times when she wasn’t as connected to herself.  She was critical of herself and allowed the negative voice in her head to talk down to her. “All those insecurities that always pop up and a sentence immediately came back to me and I looked and I paused, I was like, who girl? That was a mean thing to say to yourself …” she recalls. This realisation allowed her to eventually get to the path of healing through the use of positive internal monologues and by cultivating a nurturing spirit. 

Her final words of advice? 

“Spend time with yourself and that’s the only way you can really truly not only nurture yourself, but nurture everybody else.”

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