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Dance, the Powerful Language of the Soul


Tulimelila Shityuwete and Hamish Olivier had a dream of a place where dancers can practise, learn and be themselves through dance. This seemed like a dream that would stay a dream for many years to come but one morning Tulimelila decided that this place was needed now and within the space of three months the first Namibian dance studio was born. It is called First Rain Dance Theatre and is a place where one can learn dance of all variety’s but more importantly it’s a warm, healthy and inviting space where dance can be expressed safely and in a fun way.

99FM’s MYD Art sat down with Tulimelila, the co-founder of the studio to find out about the studio and the power of dance. According to Tulimelila “We really wanted to provide opportunities for professional dancers as well as to assist in developing a vibrant dynamic and sustained dance industry. The studio is step towards this as it is now a hub in Windhoek to experience all forms of dance and it is providing paid performance opportunities for young dancers.”

When 99FM’s MYD Art asked what the power of dance is, Tulimelila said while she could go on forever on this point, she finds there are three main pillars of dance and these are:

  1. Communication. As she explains “Dance is my personal way of communicating and as human beings it is a primary way of us expressing ourselves and thereby communicating”
  2. Therapy. In Tulimelila’s words “Dance acts as therapy as it improves our mood and wellbeing in a safe and healthy way. I always leave the studio feeling better and this is powerful”
  3. A Tool of Social Power. Here Tulimelila explains that “dance is a way of commentating and reflecting on your society. Through dance all are able to express and comment on the state of a society. Where one might not always have the platform to do so, dance can do so.”

Tulimelila’s love of dance started at the age of 4 years old, and so has created a space for all Namibians, young or old, to enjoy the power and expression of dance through the starting of this dance studio. She is excited about all the dance genres they have on offer and new ones soon to be added and says “No matter your dance style, you’ll find it there and all are welcome to come and experience the power of the dance of life and more”

Get in touch with First Rain Dance Theatre by sending them a mail on frdtdance@gmail.com or taking a look at their Facebook Page  : FRDT


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