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How to Diversify your Investment Portfolio between Different Asset Classes

“The main asset classes are Equity, Listed Property, Fixed Income, Money Market and Commodities,” said Relf Lumley Portfolio Manager at Capricorn Asset Management (CAM). Lumley explains that to understand the risks involved one must understand the different asset classes to utilize within a diversified portfolio to optimize ones risk return profile.

“Always take into account your goals and needs and how it relates to the amount of risk you need to take, your appetite for risk and the amount of risk you can afford to take,” Lumley added.

In the Future Invest Show this week, Lumley speaks about Diversification between Asset Classes.

    • The difference between Money Market and Cash,
    • How Fixed Income fit into your portfolio,
    • Lumley also elaborates on how one can easily get exposure to Property,
    • And Equities.



-Article and Interview by Maggie Forcelledo