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Drought Pulls Wild Horses’ Reins

The Wild Horses of the Namib Desert have been a point of fascination for many years. The exact origin of how they came to call the Namib desert their home is unknown, however they have adapted to survive the harsh desert conditions.

According to the Namibia wild Horse Foundation, “No doubt the mysterious origins of the Wild Horses are part of their allure, but it is not the real issue. Rather, we are fascinated because the horses have gained the freedom to live according to their own natural ways. They have broken free from their man-given role of stud, show-jumper or hobby-companion. They have rediscovered their natural behaviour and their own social systems.”

Our Wild Horses attract thousands of tourists to Namibia each year and now again are facing serious danger with the drought we are facing in Namibia. 99FM’s MYD Earth sat down with Rudie De Waal to talk about the Wild Horses of the Namib Desert.

In 99FM’s MYD Earth show, Rudie De Waal shares with us what the status of the Wild Horses of the Namib Desert is right now with the existing drought.

Here are some of the areas covered in this episode of MYD Earth :

  • How the Namibian Wild Horses came to call the desert their home
  • What is unique about these horses, such as their social structures
  • Why we should protect these animals
  • The challenges faced in protecting them

MYD EARTH Wild Horses

Take a listen to the MYD Earth show with Rudie De Waal, here :


For the Wild Horses of the Namib Deserts website, click here :  Wild Horses of the Namib Desert