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Elemotho – Being True to Himself All Over the World

“We dance, we sing and that is soul food. Music is that which connects you with your past, present and future self.”

Elemotho is a Namibian making major waves on the international music scene. His music has been picked up by a American Television series and right now he is representing in Germany as a musical director on a Namibian-German Theatre play while he tours and works on his fourth album. A man who knows the value of who he is and does not compromise on his authenticity and individuality, Elemotho took time from his busy schedule to chat to 99FM’s MYD Art all the way from Germany.

99FM’s MYD Art asked:

 Tell us about your recent musical successes, we’ve heard your music is now on a American television series? MYD Art

“Yes,  two of my songs are going to feature on a series called Grace and Frankie, under the Netflix channel. It’s quite a big thing. I still cannot believe it. The one song is La vida (From the album Human) and the other is Neo (from the album Ke Nako. It is a sweet lullaby song for my first born Neo)”

What are you currently working on right now?

“I am busy with multiple projects. I am in Germany at the moment as a musical director and interpreter for the German-Namibian theatre Play The Oshi-Deutsch. I am also on tour with Guitarist and singer Samuel Batola, under what we themed The Afro-Acoustic Experience. I am also currently working on my fourth Album, whose title will be Beautiful World.”

Adventure Travel World Summit Stocktaking, Elemotho

Elemotho has shared with us an acoustic piece from the title song. It is part of the Earthy Acoustic Series, shot in the beautiful outskirts of Windhoek.

Take a look here :  Elemotho’s share – Beautiful World

How are audiences receiving your music while you are on tour in Germany?

“I have been in Germany before, so I am not a newcomer. I think previous touring helped plus my compilation album My Africa is available in Germany. The German audience seem to appreciate the New sound of the Kalahari.

What has been the most inspiring thing you have come across whilst on tour?

“I have only played one gig so far in Germany, the intensive touring will start on 6 May. But I will say that a golden moment of this year’s touring was my concert at Kuruman, South Africa. That’s where our clan hails from and being able to not only speak in my language but also in my dialect too. That was GOLD!”

AB 1How important is it as an artist to know yourself?

“You will not be able to reach the depth of your creativity if you don’t know yourself. Knowing yourself is essential if you want to life this live fruitfully.”

How can music be food for the soul that reconnects you with a love for yourself?

“Humans do not only live off food and shelter alone. We dance, we sing and that is soul food. Music is that which connects you with your past, present and future self. Music is the stories and the soundtracks to our often complicated lives.”

Do you think it is important for people to appreciate themselves?

“If you don’t appreciate yourself, who will? But when it comes to appreciation, there is really only one thing that we should remember at all times, that is that arrogance is NOT confidence.”

AB 2Do you have any advice for us on getting to know, love and appreciate yourself?

“There is only one like you. Ethnic groups, your sex and such… these are all technicalities. Like for example, a bigger nose or small ears, don’t bother too much with that. Rather know your personality. That, is what you’ve got to work on.”

That and, kindness should not be seen as weakness. Stay true to yourself and hope for the best. Better a smiling fool than and cynical wise man.”