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Elemotho, The Artist and the Activist, on Blame

“When you blame you don’t get to do what you are supposed to do as an artist. You put all the responsibility on the shoulders of others, whether that is your fellow artists for hating or the radio for not playing your song, all this when you could be making it for yourself” the wise words of Elemotho who sat down with 99FM’s MYD Art to talk about Blame in the Arts arena.

According to Elemotho “Artists blame a lot. We project onto others and that is how you become stuck and also how you remain stuck. Blame holds you back.” Elemotho explains that “it is easy to blame but with so much available to us in today’s age it is almost ridiculous to blame others for where you are today. You’re wasting time and that time could be used to make the most of what is available to you”

When asked what he thinks the solution to blame is, Elemotho says “Love yourself and you will be loved but find self-love first. Respond to your abilities. Look towards yourself as you create all your possibilities.”

He goes on to say that “Our predecessors worked hard so that we can be here, the question is what we are doing with what we have?” Elemotho says that he believes that “Blame should be a teacher, not something that creates more shadows. Blame teaches us something about ourselves, what we are supposed to build on and not what the world owes us.” He laughs and says “There are billions of people in the world and the world does not owe them anything. They have to use their abilities to create for themselves. Maybe we all need a little perspective as this might help drop the blame a bit”

Elemotho performed one of his songs live in studio for all 99FM friends and fans that he believes will help shed some light on blame. Take a listen to is here :



Elemotho is a Namibian born musician who hails from the Kalahari. He composes and performs all his own music which has won him many awards both locally and internationally.
Take a look at his website here : Elemotho