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Exploring Natural Heritage

In this episode of the MYD Earth Show, Desiree Naobes guides us through the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Namibia. Whilst on a recent visit to Southern Kunene, MYD Earth spent some time near Twyfelfontein, learning about the Damara Culture through the Damara Living Museum and exploring, an open-air art gallery home to, the largest collection of rock engravings in Southern Africa at Twyfelfontein.

“In total in this area we have more than 2000 of these type of engravings. So it has got the largest concentration of engravings in Southern Africa and for that reason in 2007 it was declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO.”

Desiree Naobes has been a guide at Twyfelfontein, Namibia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, for 15 years. Here she explains to us the wonder of this part of Namibia and why she loves showing both tourists and Namibians, the beauty of the ancient rock engravings found here.

“I am proud to show our heritage site to everyone, from all over the world.”

In this MYD Earth podcast we find out:

  • Some of the many traditional practices and wisdoms that come from living off the land for generations at the Damara Living Museum near Twyfelfontein
  • What made Twyfelfontein a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • How 6000 years ago the same symbol that is used today, was drawn onto rock to depict water
  • What Desiree loves about her job as a guide at Twyfelfontein

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This Show was recorded while visiting Wilderness Safari’s Doro Nawas Camp in the Doro Nawas Conservancy in Namibia. Get in touch with Wilderness Safari’s through their website by clicking here