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Your Financial Update #5

Get your finances on the right track for 2017


Get down to budgeting

Plan how you are going to spend your money and stick to it. This is the key ingredient of budgeting in order to achieve financial success. It’s a fact that there are many people out there who have money, but are actually broke because of not managing their hard earned finances well. Budgeting may look like a cumbersome process for those who are new at the game. It therefore requires discipline, knowledge on how to save and staying on course. Having a budget also helps you to manage your cash flow.


Saving for a rainy day

It is always best to start saving now rather than later – even if it is small amount as this will add up to a growing investment at the end of the day. It pays to save because you have something to fall back on during tough times, especially in emergencies or those unforeseen days. Saving can be more effective if you have a goal that you want to achieve. Remember, saving is a habit, not a skill.


Get rid of debt

You are never in too much debt to get out of it. Although it may look worrisome, debt can be overcome if you stick to paying it off diligently. It may be painstaking to pay off your debts, but you will feel liberated once it is gone. Getting rid of debt also means you reduce the amount you pay in interest and have more money at hand to use for other important things.



Become financially literate

Becoming financially literate does not mean learning from trial and error, but managing your finances proactively.             Give yourself the upper hand and read financial books about setting financial goals and saving money. This will not only show you how to budget well throughout the year, but will also help you in managing your debt and approach savings and investments in a more informed way.


Simplify your finances

If your goals for the New Year include getting a better handle on your finances, your first step should be simplification. Simplifying your finances will make sticking to a budget, paying off debt, buying a home, saving for retirement or any other financial goal easier to accomplish.



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