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The MYD Show – Magic Moments : The Path to Peace

We work towards peace every time we exercise wisdom, kindness and authentic love, even in the face of judgement and unkindness.

Over the last few weeks MYD has been exploring the concept of peace and how we can ensure that peace exists not only in our communities but also in our hearts.

We heard from many inspirational Africans on how peace is something to strive for but that while peace is not passive, it is gentle. We also heard on the power of forgiveness to truly excel us.

In this episode of the MYD Show, we recapped our learning over the last few weeks. We revisited the information we heard from the extraordinary people we had in studio who through their sharing helped us grow and more to a place of peace.

Listen to the full episode, in two parts, of the Master Your Destiny Show, Magic Moments : The Path to Peace, here :