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Forgotten Art Fuels Curiosity in an Unforgiving Desert

“Somewhere between the myth and the truth, you’ll find many more such lone men watching over the desert.”

Have you ever wondered about the stone men that are sprinkled around Namibia? Found in places so beautiful it seems as if perhaps one night a stone that came to life wanting to appreciate the Namibian landscape from the perspective of a man. Half man, half stone he roamed the desert until the sun came up and he was frozen in the shape of a man but made of stone. Some say these lone figures were once men whose love for our landscapes was so great that they were turned to stone, frozen in time forever looking out over the beautiful vista.

Forever standing stationary in motionless appreciation of our beautiful country.

Whatever their origin, these iconic pieces of art are made from stone and metal that come out of the ground in the places in which they are found. The countryside as their giant open-aired art gallery, you’ll find that the lone men are found in places that are somewhat remote. It is impossible for you to view them in a vehicle, meaning you have to park your vehicle and walk to them; you have to enter into the open-aired art gallery to marvel at them. What’s more is that they are numbered. One such sculpture in the North West of Namibia has been gaining a lot of attention in art circles, with many people questioning where these pieces are coming from. This particular man bears the number 27, begging the question… Where are the other 26?

Somewhere between the myth and the truth, you’ll find many more such lone men watching over the desert. The questions are where do they come from, when the questions should actually be where are the rest? Without knowing their origin, they belong to everyone in Namibia. Iconic, resting art works of men wild and free who stand guard over the places we love.

If you’ve found some of these lone men sculptures, send us your images and coordinates to myd@99fm.com.na and lets together find the lone men.

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