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Goal Setting and Success Getting

“Success is never accidental but success is planned for and deliberately put in place by the one who wants to see a shift in their life.”

As we get into another year filled with possibilities, our conversations have moved from what we want as our resolutions for the New Year to what we want our goals to be this year. Goal setting is defined as a fundamental factor in success and this definition has been backed up by research that shows we are more likely to increase our performance once we set goals. This doesn’t only apply to our working life and is just as important in our personal lives. Which begs the question, what is it you want to achieve in your personal life in 2016?


To help us answer this question, a dear friend of MYD, coach Herbert Mtowo has prepared the following for us, to get us geared up for not only setting our goals this year, but also achieving them.

Goal Setting to Get what you Want in 2016 – Advice on How to Set Goals by Herbert Mtowo

Someone once said to me, “Herbert Life is not complicated.  We are complicated.  When we stop doing the wrong things and start doing the right things, life is simple.” What a deep statement when it comes to setting goals and deciding to be responsible with the direction of your life. Yes, with the New Year upon us, if I may ask you, “Have you set up goals and planned for the life beyond 2016?” The right thing to do every now and then is SETTING UP OUR GOALS.

The late Steve Jobs left a lasting legacy in terms of his accomplishments and scaling the great heights of success. He, according to the people who worked close with him, was a man famous for his high standards. I am of the understanding that the impossible targets he set for his team made his business empire become the innovative powerhouse it is today. He was a trendsetter of extremely high standards. Steve Jobs lived a life of goal setting and you and I have no option but to look at our goals if ever we are to be successful in our lives.

I have realized that men and women, who have accomplished much in life, have one common skill and this is the setting of goals and pursuing their dreams. They relentlessly push and keep focus of what they want and intend to do.
There are countless stories of great achievements that men and women have had and reached the pinnacle of success. You and I are not an exception if ever we want to achieve and do more; we must focus on goal setting and be committed to making our gaols a reality.

As a Life Coach and personal development speaker, author and businessman, I am fully convinced that GAOL SETTING is the way to go. Many live lifeless and boring lives whereby everything is a wish where life is like chasing the wind. I made up my mind many years ago, that I am going to be relevant to society and make the best out of my God given precious life by setting up goals. All we want to be and achieve in life is within our reach only if we set goals. I refuse to live a disappointing life and live with regret at the end of it for not having done what I could have done. Now, my question to you all is, “Do you have any goals for the New Year and future or are you setting up goals that are important for you?”

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Life favours and rewards those that set impossible goals and this is what drives them for their innovation, and they’re the types of goals that anyone hoping to make a mark should pursue. I must remind you that success is never accidental but success is planned for and deliberately put in place by the one who wants to see a shift in their life.
Let me help by unpacking and defining goals and goal setting, an attainable goal is one that seems within the bounds of reality.

Shooting higher than you think is possible forces you to challenge your life, challenge your team and circle of friends to reach out for more and be relevant.

Don’t just set goals in 2016 but set up huge and tangible goals, setting impossible goals pushes your life to the limit. If you set a goal that’s easy to hit, it is easily done with, set goals that bring the best out of your life and makes you realize your hidden talents and gifts.

Believe you me, if you set impossible goals, you’ll see the treasures hidden in you waiting to be discovered and push you harder to reach for and you will learn a lot in the process. You will discover a lot of new ways of thinking and start challenging yourself to greatness. The feeling of reaching a goal you thought you couldn’t is addictive. The more you challenge yourself, the more you will love your work and push yourself to do great things.

You will begin to think, “Wow! If I can reach this crazy goal, what else can I not do?” Goal setting gives you the honour and opportunity to celebrate your success when you hit jackpot in reaching your milestone. We all have goals of finding our perfect job and making all of our dreams come true. Alas more often than not, that is as far as we get, idle daydreams which we give up pursuing before we’ve even started.

I want to Coach you on how to set up goals and see your goals become a reality in 2016. I have often said before that it is never too late to work out what you love to do and to create a life around living your goals.

If you’re serious about making an impact in 2016, you can succeed by making a conscious decision to set goals. A few manageable goals for a start are what you need.  Of course for me, it took me a little while to find what worked and what didn’t but now I am starting to make a living through writing and public speaking, and loving every minute of it.

Let me encourage you to take these steps and that will help you take full control of your life.

  1. Identify your goals and wrote them down.
  2. Set up goals which have a time frame and meaningful.
  3. Write a road map that will be your guide to see you achieve your goals.
  4. What are the obstacles that you envision that may hinder you from accomplishing your goals? Find a way to eliminating these obstacles.
  5. Find a coach, friend or colleague who, you will be accountable to, reminding you about your set gaols.

Success cannot happen overnight. But if you really feel passionate about doing something, you will make time for it. Put a few hours in early morning before work, in the evenings when everyone else is watching TV, and on the weekends when others are sleeping in.  If you want it bad enough and you have the passion and excitement my belief is that the law of attraction will kick in and you will get there

Take note that all successful people in life, set goals that support their life`s mission and appreciate themselves for goals that they have achieved. What desirable outcomes would you like to achieve 2016? Now is the time to create goals and to make those outcomes happen. I would like to wish you the best, in all your endeavours in 2016 and beyond.

Be postivie and patient