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Heroes of Hope for our Rhinos

In this episode of the MYD Earth Show, we hear first hand from the Save the Rhino Trackers in the Kunene Region, who work tirelessly every day to protect our Rhinos. Rhino poaching numbers in the Kunene Region have been decreasing in recent years, due in large part to team efforts, the tireless work of everyday Namibians and community members who support this important cause.

“Today I had the honour of sharing a trench with anonymous heroes. They are unknown, but their cause is well known. They are heroes yesterday, today and tomorrow through their cause. Their cause is a selfless one and they represent not only their country but also eternal mother earth and her biodiversity as they criss-cross their office cautiously, one step at a time. I celebrate today for I have walked in the footsteps of hope for our Rhino, as a nation and as a generation.” ~ Jermain Ketji

Here we hear from the men on the ground about what a day in the life of a rhino guard is like, and why they became protectors of our Rhinos.

“For me, when I was in school, I just read about the black rhino, but I did not ever see the rhino. It was my aim that if I finish school, I would be part of the membership to be a protector of black rhinos. I have kids which are in school, and when they grow up maybe they want to see the rhino, and then their father is there as a protector of the rhino.” ~ Denzel Tjiraso

In this MYD Earth podcast we hear from:

  • Albertus Ganuseb, a Save the Rhino Tracker and Guard
  • Denzel Tjiraso, a Save the Rhino Tracker and Guard
  • Ishmael Mbomboro, a Save the Rhino Tracker and Guard
  • Jermain Ketji, the Wilderness Safaris Community Liaison Manager

Take a listen to the MYD Earth Show Heroes of Hope for our Rhinos, here :


This Show was recorded while visiting Wilderness Safari’s Desert Rhino Camp in the Kunene Region of Namibia. Get in touch with Wilderness Safari’s through their website by clicking here