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Humanity’s Environmental Warning

In this episode of the MYD Earth Show, Kirsty talks to Dr. Justine Braby, about the Second Warning to Humanity. 

“We live with ridiculous inequality and at the same time where we ruining the life support systems in which we need to survive. The core issue is the current economic system and if we do not change that, we’ll always be symptomatically fixing things, much like giving a painkiller to a headache instead of looking at why you having chronic headaches.”

Dr. Justine Braby is the Director of Progress Namibia Technical and Advisory Services. Dr. Braby leads the Secretarial work of the Wellbeing Economy Africa Research and Action Network amongst others. Justine is widely published on themes from economic transformation to climate change and global transformation.

“The fact is that we risking human life and human existence for a few years of profit, which isn’t even filtering down to the masses because it’s the top one per cent who are getting that profit. For what are we doing this?”

Take a listen to the MYD Earth Show with  Dr. Justine Braby, here :