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I’ll Make Art Any Way

“I feel that my art reflects my own identity as a young artist struggling to survive in the world. I always make use of recycled and found materials.”

Hailing from the small village of Ombome in Northern Namibia, this young Namibian artist is proving that to be an incredible artist, all you need is determination and passion. Using elements of his environment to tell the story of his environment, Ismael Shivute’s art sends a message of finding a way even when it seems there is no way.

Ismael at ExhibitionWithout all the elements needs to produce his artistic visions, Ismael took to using scrap material he found in his surrounds. From tin cans to plastic bags, Ismael has produced works of art using an alternative variety of mixed mediums that sends a strong message about life in the informal settlements of Windhoek.

In explaining his unique method, Ismael says “I feel that my art reflects my own identity as a young artist struggling to survive in the world. I always make use of recycled and found materials, mostly metals, cans and wires because they are locally available at no cost, but also because they reflect a distinction that I admire. This distinctive character is partly to do with the previous life that materials had, its lovely rusty colour, malleability and also the texture that makes the artworks come to life and give them a wonderful sense of humour.”

shivute_kilimanjaroIsmael had a love of making things with his hands, from an early age. As such, he would make toys for himself and his friends with his favourite being making wire cars, which would provide endless fun for him and his friends growing up.

He notes that it was his mother’s advice that resulted in him becoming an artist. “My mother was the one that encouraged me to continue with my art.” That advice has definitely paid off as Ismael has taken part in many group exhibitions both in Namibia and abroad and his work has been seen in Germany and in the United Kingdom.

shivute_waterislifeNow, Ismael has first solo exhibition on at the National Art Gallery of Namibia called Day-To-Day. This exhibition is made up of portrayals of the people and the spaces of the area that he lives in. According to Ismael, “My subject matter is often the survival of some people in the informal settlement in Windhoek, in which they live in a small and harsh environment.”

His collection is inspiring, unique and practical. Each piece sends a message about life and the hardships that are faced by so many. Yet using the recycled material he does, Ismael’s work also shows us that any odds can be overcome. Even a lack of paint and other artistic materials should not be reason enough to stop you from pursuing your dreams. For in order for us to find the path to peace, our focus should be what we do have versus what we do not have.

Exhibition poster

Ismael’s thought provoking exhibition will be on at the National Art Gallery of Namibia until the 2nd of July 2016. Be sure to make a turn and see his unique style for yourself. For more information, take a look at the Facebook event page for the exhibition by clicking here : Day-To-Day exhibition by Ismael Shivute

The National Art Gallery of Namibia’s exciting event, Happy Art Hour will this month feature the exciting Namibian artist, Ismael Shivute. To see Ismael’s fascinating style in action join in for Happy Art Hour on the 1st of July 2016. For more information, click here for the Facebook event page : Happy Art Hour with Ismael