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Ingenious Indigenous Namibian Plants

Indigenous plants are not only adapted to our climate but here in Namibia, we have a selection of exquisite plants that are found nowhere else in the world. With the arrival of spring and the recent lifting of water restrictions, the time is now to replant and so in this episode of the MYD Earth Show, we talk indigenous plants, what to get and where to get them.

Ivor Powell is a partner at Namib Trees, a new Namibian nursery that focuses solely on indigenous Namibian trees and shrubs. In this episode of the MYD Earth Show, Ivor shares why we should look to indigenous plants.

“If we are going to plant tress there is no reason why we should plant anything but indigenous trees. They are absolutely adapted to our environment, they are gorgeous trees, you get such a huge variety of trees that one could plant and so I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to plant an indigenous trees.”

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