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Ingo Shanyenge’s Summer Fashion Tips

Ingo Shanyenge is one of Namibia’s top fashion designers with a very successful year behind him. He was appointed as a board member of the Fashion Council of Namibia img_2980and this year exhibited his latest range at Namibian Fashion Week to rave reviews. Ingo also dresses many A-list Namibians for major events such as the Namibia Annual Music Awards.

99FM’s MYD Art spoke to Ingo to find out what he would recommend as the top tips for summer fashion for the holidays.

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Summer Fashion Tips by Ingo Shanyenge

Summer is the season to let your hair down, be flamboyant and be out of the box, embracing the weather. This is a time to try new trends, be bold and express yourself through fashion.

For the ladies

  • The “off-the shoulder” look, which is light and allows ventilation
  • img_2978Crop tops and shift dresses (similar to the pencil skirt but loose around the stomach area meaning all any size can rock this look)
  • Bright colours and white are great summer trends too
  • Monochrome prints, pastel shades and floral prints also compliment the summer well
  • Add loose maxi dresses to the trend list.Basically wear light material clothing
  • Wear Accessories such as oversized hats and funky metallic coloured shades
  • Sandals and flip flops are a summer must as they are comfortable and less restrained
  • Wear bright or toned down jewellery go well with any outfit
  • Practice the principle of colour co-ordination.

For the guysimg_2981

  • Slim-fit is the major trend for the guys this summer
  • Pair tank tops with printed shorts. Wear white shirts or vests
  • When wearing loose shirts make sure they are light fabrics
  • Tailored shorts and slim-fit pants can also trend well with the right shades and prints
  • Flip flops and light weight sneakers

Hair Trends

  • Hairstyles, haircuts and patterns look really bold.

Do You

For the fashionistas and trenders, go out and seek the fashion markets to create your own kind of look and not just follow trends or wear what’s handed to you.

  • Incorporate your own sense of fashion and create masterpieces
  • Take major risks and rock it
  • Mix and Match as well. Create your own look and own it
  • Be on point and look comfortable.

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