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The Latest on Water in the Capital 

In this episode of the MYD Earth Show we chat to Pierre van Rensburg, our water expert and member of the Technical Committee of Experts on Water Supply Security as appointed by the President of Namibia.

Here Pierre shares with us on the latest developments regarding Windhoek’s water situation, the new coding for water restrictions and what these mean as well as the plans going forward talking water in the capital.

“We’d rather give the public the benefit of that water under controlled circumstances, so we’re not lifting all restrictions… we want to control that, but also pass on the benefits of the rains we’ve received to the consumers.”

Pierre also shares about the status of clean drinking water around the world, following his participation in the annual global water conference.

“Many people are contemplating re-use as a possible future supply because everybody knows, even in places of abundance of water, people know it will run out. Population pressure is increasing, and pollution is decreasing the available water supply. It’s happened in many places already and they are aware that we need to find more sustainable ways of supporting ourselves in terms of water.”

In this MYD Earth Show podcast we find out:

  • What the new water restrictions entail, including what is and is not allowed when talking water usage
  • What the plans are to ensure we are not faced with another water crisis in the near future, including the replenishing of the aquifers
  • How Namibia is ahead of the curve in sustainable water usage because of re-use

Take a listen to the MYD Earth Show with Pierre van Rensburg, here :



For the public notice about the water restrictions, click here

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