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Leaving Beauty Unscathed


“Be forgiving to nature so that this land of wide open spaces stays as beautiful as it is. Love her, but leave her wild”


Namibia is known for wide open spaces and roads that few have ventured across. However as Namibians, it is important to adventure within the realms of non-damage to the environment to protect what we hold so dear for future expeditions and generations.

As such 99FM’s MYD Earth sat down with Elzanne Erasmus, the author of a recent article featured in Travel News Namibia on how one can indeed travel off road without doing damage to the environment.

99FM’s MYD Earth asked :

Why is it important that we a Namibians know the rules of off road driving?

“Off-roading can be a wonderful way of exploring the wild and untouched reaches of our country. So many amazing places lie beyond the mostly well-maintained tar and gravel roads that criss-cross Namibia, but in order to explore these remote place we should be well-versed in the art of 4×4 driving for two main reasons: safety and responsibility. Even gravel roads that are regularly grated can pose a threat to unskilled drivers. Speeding, driving in the wrong gear or inexperience often leads to accidents. The second reason is responsibility. Off-road driving is not the most ecologically sustainable pastime and should therefore be approached with extreme care. Follow Travel News Namibia’s Top 10 Tips to being a “Greener” off-roader in the article below.”

What is the main reason the environment is not forgiving when we break these rules?

“Off-roading often leaves behind scars on the nature we intrude upon with our 4×4’s. Tyre tracks and damage to ecosystems are the greatest threat and something off-roaders should be very conscious of. Tracks in dunes and on gravel plains can remain there for years with only strong winds erasing the evidence of human interference. It is therefore important to, as far as possible, stick to existing tracks or trails. Another danger is that of damaging fauna and flora in the ecosystem you are driving through. Lichen fields and nests and dens often fall under the tread, so please pay attention to signage and regulations regarding where you are or are not allowed to leave the main roads.”

How can we as Namibians be part of the solution in environmental protection when driving off road?

“By being conscious of regulations and having an eco-centric mind set, Namibians can help protect their natural environment while they explore and enjoy it. Always keep in mind that to preserve our amazing country for future generations of Namibians. Be responsible when heading off the beaten track and know the essential 4×4 rules. Be forgiving to nature so that this land of wide open spaces stays as beautiful as it is. Love her, but leave her wild…”

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