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Magic Moments: the Path to Peace

The value of peace in your working life cannot be overstated. Evidence of peace’s value can be seen the moment peace leaves and suddenly we become unable to function effectively. Peace of mind is a business tool that can help in your career daily.

In the MYD series on the Path to Peace, we heard about the importance of taking your motivation on as your responsibility, we heard from entrepreneurs on how they found their passion, their peace, and much more.

If you missed any of the magic in the series on the Path to Peace, here is a little recap of some of the great moments :


Ally Angula’s Tips for Staying Motivated throughout Winter



Ally Angula is a Namibian business powerhouse. Among her many achievements, she is also the Co-Founder, Managing Director and Chief Strategist of Leap Holdings Namibia which is responsible for birthing Namibia’s first commercial clothing brand “My Republik”.

Ally outlined for us some tips on staying motivated through the winter, which include being intentional with your days. “setting goals for the month, broken down into weeks and then setting three main goals for the day, also helps me to be intentional about the day.” Says Ally who adds “I find that when I write things down I get them done. It’s on the days when I say the day must take care of itself that I go nowhere fast.” Read the full MYD Smart article with Ally’s Advice by clicking here : Ally Angula’s Advice for Staying Motivated through Winter

A helping hand and a comfortable shoe




“Hard work pays off, so never give up on your dreams” Operi Tjiteere

Operi Tjiteere runs, Operi Handmade, from Okahandja in central Namibia making shoes, sandal, belts and more as well as repairing leather products. Operi started off working on making shoes on the weekend and now has a successful operation with plans to expand. When asked what his biggest learning has been as an entrepreneur, Operi advises that “hard work pays off, so never give up on your dreams”. Operi notes this is what he has learnt and what he would advise other entrepreneurs.

Promoting his beautifully hand crafted products, Operi says that the right shoe that is comfortable and made with quality will give a person peace of mind as their feet have peace in their expression. Read the full MYD Smart article on Operi Tjiteere here : A Helping Hand and a Comfortable Shoe.


How to be Cyber Safe



Cyber security can be a headache to manage however without suffiienct protection, not only your peace of mind can be robbed from you. We outlined a list of tips to follow to ensure you are cyber safe. These tips include password advice and guidance on when to do tech updates. Read the full MYD Smart article on Cyber Security here : How to be Cyber Safe: 19 Tips from the Experts