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Mental, Maternal and Dental Care Services for the Most Vulnerable

The Society for Family Health (SFH) in collaboration with the Finnish Nuovo Nordic Health Care Centre and Betesda Medical Care Centre recently joined hands in supporting Government efforts to provide Health care Services to all. SFH Country Director Taimi Amaambo said they have identified areas of common interest such as Mental Health Services, Maternal Health Services and Dental Health Care Services. “We are basically talking about a three month period to see how the dental portal is going, they will take it a step further to evaluate and see if they are able to scale up to other regions that need support,” said Amaambo.
“It’s very rare where you find a local NGO facilitating this kind of smart partnership between the public and government and I think with the Society for Family Health’s experience in the field for twenty years we have that capacity to provide that high level support to third parties to really engage Government and to provide the necessary support across the board,” Amaambo added.
Spotlight news this week sat down with the Society for Family Health (SFH) Country Director Taimi Amaambo on:
– Maternal Health Care, Mental Health Care and Dental Health Care Services provided to vulnerable populations in need of these services,
– Partnership between the Health Private Sector and Government,
– Priority areas,
– Aims for the partnership,
– And future goals and objectives etc.



-Maggie Forcelledo