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Mind over Matter

As human beings we claim prevention is better than cure but when it comes to the lifestyle choices we make, that will in the long-term, affect our overall well-being, we tend to put that at the bottom of our priority list.

Why? Because we believe tomorrow is the best day to start and so the vicious cycle of denial continues throughout the rest of our lives. We come up with excuses that validate our reasons for not taking that leap.

It starts manifesting itself on our waistline, our mental state and self-belief as we watch our self-confidence become a mere mirage. Eventually we hit bottom and it feels like it is impossible to crawl out of that hole of darkness that has consumed our lives for so long. We can’t even recognise a better alternative or find the willpower to change our circumstances by just taking that first step.

We de-clutter our houses and spring clean at the beginning or end of a season but we tend to forget that the same principle applies to the rest of our lives.

Why not be good to you? Doesn’t charity begin at home? Start loving yourself more, kick procrastination to the curb and be selfish about discovering and becoming the best version of yourself.

Health and wellness are integral parts of a sustainable future and it is essential for you to be healthy, both physically and mentally in order to thrive.

There are several organisations that can help you on your journey of overall transformation such as MiLife.

Milife is your lifestyle partner that will guide you along the way as you make long-term lifestyle changes that will help you unleash your greatest self by giving you the guidance you need to make the right decisions and monitor your progress through their measured health scale. You will receive 4 full health assessments per annum and 8 assessments during your membership. In addition you will receive tailor-made weekly eating and training plans customised to suit your lifestyle goal.

Let MiLife help you understand how healthy you are, and provide you with the tools and support you need so you can improve your health. You’ll enjoy a variety of rewards as you get healthier and fitter.

Start your personal lifestyle journey today by registering with MiLife for N$150 per month for 24 months.

Visit www.milife.na or call +264 81 829 5111 today for more information.

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