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Mindscape Events Namibia launches inaugural Namibia Creative Summit

Mindscape Events Namibia, a leading creative and event management company, is thrilled to announce the inaugural Namibia Creative Summit scheduled to take place on the 6th of September 2024 at NTN. The event will conclude with the Iconic Music Fest on Saturday the 7th of September at Vegkop Stadium – ( Windhoek High School Stadium).

Namibia Creative Summit is a groundbreaking symposium that will bring together creatives from various sectors of the creative arts industry, media, corporate entities, and economic policymakers. The summit aims to foster investment in the creative arts industry by prioritizing education, trade, industrialization, and the provision of essential infrastructure. The theme for this year’s summit is “The Economy of Talents: Unlocking the Developmental Agenda of the Namibian Creative Sector and Its Contribution to the Economy.”

The Summit Scope will focus on the following areas namely:

POLICY DIALOGUES AND STRATEGY SESSIONS: Panel discussions and dialogues with policymakers, industry experts, and creative entrepreneurs to address crucial topics in the creative sector, such as policy frameworks, funding mechanisms, regulatory challenges and growth strategies as well as how to Improve the distribution, accessibility and viability of Namibian creative products.

SPECIFIC WORKSHOPS AND MASTERCLASSES: We strive to enhance creative education curriculum and programs in Namibia through tailored sessions providing practical knowledge, industry insights and guidance for specific sectors of the creative industry, helping participants leverage their unique talents and drive economic development.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Specialized sessions offering insights into business development, marketing, branding, and financial management for aspiring and established creative entrepreneurs, equipping them with skills to build sustainable businesses.

INVESTMENT AND FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES: Sessions showcasing investment opportunities within the creative sector, connecting investors, venture capitalists, and funding organizations with creative entrepreneurs, and providing guidance on accessing grants, loans and financial resources.

TALENT SHOWCASE AND NETWORKING: The Summit will offer both home-grown and truly Pan-African platforms to exchange ideas, discover new talent and create business linkages that will be dedicated to showcase their creative works, performances, and projects, fostering networking, collaboration, and potential business opportunities with like-minded individuals, industry professionals and potential clients.


Through high impact projects, workshops, master classes and interactive sessions, the Summit plans to implement multifaceted projects that address the sector’s biggest challenges, including artist mobility, capacity development, performance, promotion and accessibility, enhancing of skills and capacities of creatives as well as covering topics such as digital media skills, storytelling techniques, artistic techniques and project management.

Gordon Jay, Co-Founder of Mindscape Events Namibia, stated, “The Namibia Creative Summit is a collaborative platform that aims to shape the future of the Creative Economy in Namibia. Our goal is to stimulate growth in the creative industry and contribute to socio-economic development by fostering innovative idea-sharing and unveiling dynamic solutions that promote connections, engagement and collaborations within the creative sub-sectors.”

The Iconic Music Fest, which is part of the summit, will showcase various creative Arts activities with a focus on Music, Art and Fashion. This high-impact mega Music, Art and Fashion showcase is designed to promote creative and cultural expressions. The event will feature dynamic visuals, lifestyle experience, captivating activations, creative entrepreneurs, and all-star local and international artists. The festival aims to facilitate the apprenticeship of emerging artists from underprivileged backgrounds.

Mindscape Events Namibia invites all stakeholders in the creative arts industry, policymakers, and the general public to participate in the Namibia Creative Summit and Iconic Music Fest to support the growth and development of the creative sector in Namibia.

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