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The MYD Show – Celebrating Courage with Zenzi Awases

Zenzi Awases is a powerful Namibian woman, who pursued a career in the mostly male dominated, mining sector. Zenzi is a Geologist, and is also today the president of the newly launched Women in Mining Association which aims to forge equal opportunities for women in the mining industry.

“I remember when I arrived at the conference, I was probably one of the most demotivated there. I was done. I felt done with this industry. I remember telling the ladies that I was gracefully bowing out, I am tired. In fact I even said, I have a six year old daughter and I will discourage my daughter from entering any industry where she has to compete with a man… but I realised that somebody has to pave the way. Us being a part of this industry, it’s a national issue. It’s not about one company to the other. so this a pioneering thing that I am proud to be a part of.”

In this episode of the MYD Show she shares her story and her courage that lead her to be a part of this pioneering chapter in equality.

Take a listen to the MYD Show, Celebrating Courage with Zenzi Awases, here :

Also be sure to watch the visuals of this in-studio discussion on One Africa Television (Channel 284 on DSTV) on Tuesday the 28th of November at 8pm, or Thursday the 30th of November at 6:30am, or Sunday the 3rd of December at 7:30pm.