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The MYD Show – Life and Expectations with Aron Hamukwaya

Aron Hamukwaya is the inventor of the Digital Owela game and the Managing Director of the National Software Engineering Academy.

Aron is a young Namibian who started his studies at the University of Namibia. It was through his creative ideas that he secured himself a scholarship with the Ministry of Education to study information science and computer engineering in Russia. With the knowledge he gained he returned to Namibia and started a tertiary institution where Namibians can study information technology and computer engineering. That is the National Software Engineering Academy.

In this episode of the MYD Show, Aron Hamukwaya shares with us :

  • The road Aron took to find himself the owner of a tertiary education institution
  • How he knew he would one day be creating digitalised games based on traditional games
  • Why he is looking to digitise Namibian games
  • Aron’s advice for achieving your goals in life

Take a listen to the MYD Show with Aron Hamukwaya, here :


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