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The MYD Show – Life and Expectations with Chaze Nalisa

Chaze Nalisa is a business coach, mentor and the founder and director of Velocity Consulting and Training, which specialises in skills development through training, coaching and mentorship.

Chaze is a certified skills developer and learning facilitator and says she is living her dream as her passion is for empowering people.

She is about to launch a wealth thinkers network conference here in Windhoek and she joined us on the MYD Show to talk about passion, purpose and wealth thinking.

In this episode of the MYD Show, Chaze Nalisa shares with us :

  • Chaze’s journey from the corporate world to starting her own training and development company
  • How passion is the driving force that will take you from a place of panic to a place of purpose
  • Chaze’s wisdom on wealth thinking and expectations in life

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