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The MYD Show – Life and Expectations with Suta Kavari

Suta Kavari, an economist by profession, was fast climbing the ranks to be one of Namibia’s most prolific economists. That was until he decided to give that up to go help refugees on the other side of the world.

Suta’s career included being an investment Strategist at Capricorn Asset Management, and also holding the position of Vice Chairperson of the Economics Association of Namibia where he was involved in facilitating economic discussions and debates around the most pressing economic themes in Namibia. That was until he decided to quit his job, sell everything he owns and move to Beirut, Lebanon to work in social development projects with Syrian refugees.

In this episode of the MYD Show, Suta Kavari shares with us :

  • How he grew his career in a short space of time to become one of the go-to names in economics in Namibia
  • Why he decided to give all that up to work in social development projects
  • What hopes to achieve in this next chapter of his life
  • Why being stuck in a comfort zone will rob you of fulfilment in life

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