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The MYD Show – The Path to Peace with Edwina Mensah-Husselman

Edwina Mensah-Husselman is a Namibian clinical psychologist who in this episode of the MYD Show, shares with us on what anger is and how we can overcome our anger to not be held captive by it.
Edwina is an activist, a passionate community developer and part of the Let’s Talk Psychologists team that have more than 10 years’ experience in the field of psychology in Namibia.

In this episode of the MYD Show, Edwina shares with us :

  • Where anger comes from
  • What can happen to us if we don’t safely express our anger
  • What it means to safely express anger (including the myths about expressing anger)
  • How anger leads to illness if not safely expressed
  • Warning signs to look out for that will tell you if you are not safely expressing your anger


Take a listen to the MYD Show  or watch the video with Edwina Mensah-Husselman and Pedro Kapirika , here :