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The MYD Show – The Path to Peace with Michael Amushelelo

Michael Amushelelo is the well-known owner and founder of the company, Amushe. Michael has been inducted into the Namibian business hall of fame and has won the Windhoek Lager Ambassadors Business Category. He has also received several accolades for the motivation he does at various schools in Namibia.

The story of how this young Namibian chose to use the challenges he faced in his life as opportunities is inspirational. He faced difficulties and suffered depression when hardships ensues, but his fighting power and positivity has resulted in his remarkable success.

In this episode of the MYD Show Michael Amushelelo, shares with us :

  • How this young Namibian built his business to where today he is inducted in the Namibian Business Hall of Fame
  • How depression gripped him during times of challenges and obstacles and how he overcame this
  • The process of spotting opportunities for Michael
  • Michaels take on inspiration and motivation

Take a listen to or watch the MYD Show with Michael Amushelelo, here :