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The MYD Show – Woke with Linda Bauman

In this episode of the MYD Show we spoke with Namibian Paralegal and Communications Activist, Linda Bauman, renowned and awarded for the work she does as a LGBTI activist in Namibia. Linda is also the Interim National Coordinator of the Namibian Diverse Women’s Association.

“Then in high school I ended up getting involved with the Namibia Red Cross Association, doing volunteering work, going on the streets with cans. Doing advocacy work for Red Cross, ensuring that Namibians knew what Red Cross was there for. And also, we were also families that were supported by Red Cross in our neighbourhood. Our schools, we used to sing ‘Red Cross se kos smaak so lekker’ because… they used to give us really nutritional food at school.”

Linda joined us in studio to talk being Woke, and what consciousness can do for society. In this episode she also shares her harrowing as well as inspiring story, of her experiences as being someone classed as ‘different’ in society.

“When I was doing my paralegal work and human rights work, it made me realise that ‘No! There is some unfairness in who I am, and what is offered to me, and what I’m taking from it, and giving to it. I started battling with all of those, and really read a lot. I was a very shy person, I am good at speaking out there but when it comes to my personal life I am really a bigger introvert there. So I used to read a lot and I got to hear about these two terms, ‘gays and lesbians’ and I started ‘Googling’ and I realised ‘But they are Africans also!”

In this MYD Show podcast we find out:

  • Linda’s Childhood and defining moments
  • What it was like for her to ‘come out’ to her family
  • What Linda feels are some of the human rights struggles in Namibia, and where they come from

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