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Year of Expectations and Elections, symbolizes a period of new beginnings, Mbumba

True independence stands as the cornerstone of a nation’s prosperity and integrity, enabling its people to embrace dignity and realize their full humanity. In his address to the nation, at the 34th Independence anniversary celebrations, His Excellency President Nangolo Mbumba said that 2024, marked as the Year of Expectations and Elections, symbolizes a period of new beginnings and renewed commitment to our nation’s journey towards progress and unity.

Mbumba stressed that Namibia’s independence, attained on March 21, 1990, owes its realization to the courageous endeavors of compatriots, including esteemed figures like the late Brendan Kangongolo Simbwaye, SWAPO Vice President, and the late Greenwell Simasiku Matongo, PLAN Commissar, who traversed treacherous paths to freedom, crossing rivers of blood along the way. Their unwavering resolve and commendable bravery culminated in the freedom, peace, stability, and unity that define our Namibian identity today.

The President further noted that this year’s celebrations are tinged with sorrow as the nation mourns the recent passing of the 3rd President, His Excellency Dr. Hage Gottfried Geingob, on February 4, followed by his burial on February 25, 2024. President Geingob, a revered nation-builder and a beloved People’s President, leaves behind a legacy of extraordinary service and devotion to Namibia, etching his name in the annals of Namibia’s history and in the hearts of our citizens and friends worldwide.

“It was here that many of our citizens escaped on foot and through canoes either to Zambia and or Botswana across the Zambezi River and its tributaries. When the South African apartheid regime

realized the strategic value of the Zambezi region for Namibia’s Liberation Struggle, they militarized the area, declared a decade long curfew, and killed, imprisoned and tortured many citizens here,” said Mbumba

In the face of challenges posed by droughts, economic fluctuations, and the COVID-19 pandemic, Mbumba said that the government demonstrated resilience by upholding the rule of law, transparency, effective governance, and accountability, which form the bedrock of the country’s democracy.

“Today, Namibians can look forward to a bright future. Massive oil and gas discoveries have been made in our ocean, the green hydrogen investments are about to materialize, and our latest budget of NAD 100 billion will create more jobs, and give our citizens much needed disposable income. As a result, we all,

including the private sector, SME sector and citizens need to hold hands with Government and with each other to galvanize the economic revival of Namibia for increased job opportunities and development,” he added.

In the Zambezi region, the government has embarked on numerous infrastructure projects to spur economic advancement, including electrification initiatives, road upgrades, and agricultural ventures. These endeavors underscore the government’s commitment to inclusive development and improving the quality of life for all Namibians.

As the country gears up for the upcoming elections, emphasis is placed on the paramount importance of peace, unity, and harmony. Any attempts to disrupt the nation’s progress and prosperity are unequivocally condemned. The call to action resonates strongly as citizens are urged to ensure a peaceful, credible, and fair electoral process. Upholding this collective responsibility is crucial in safeguarding Namibia’s esteemed reputation as a beacon of stability in the region.