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Namibia to Eradicate Poverty by 2025, President Geingob

“We Africans have good glossy papers, we talk, but implementation is a problem,” said President Hage Geingob. The President was speaking during an interview with Voice of America’s (VOA), Straight Talk Africa host Shaka Ssali on Namibia’s future.

On the topic of poverty, the President stressed that poverty in Namibia must be eradicated by 2025. World leaders adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in September 2015 at an historic United Nations summit of which one of the goals is to end all forms of poverty by 2030. President Geingob said that Africans do not have trust in many of their leaders, stressing that the leaders are accountable but not transparent that is why the President earlier this year declared his assets publicly. The Namibian leader also noted that in order to eradicate poverty by 2025 Government will take it step by step as it is an on going struggle.

Meanwhile, Mr. Marcus Betts, UNICEF Deputy Representative to Namibia said the country has made rapid progress in reducing poverty when it’s measured by income poverty. “It stood at 38% in 2001 it has fallen by 27% by 2011,” said Betts.

Is Namibia able to eradicate poverty by 2025, what areas still need improvement and what is being implemented in order to reach this goal? Spotlight News brings you part of President Hage Geingob’s interview with VOA’s Straight Talk Africa host, Shaka Ssali and the views of Mr. Marcus Betts, UNICEF Deputy Representative to Namibia. 



-Article and interview by Maggie Forcelledo, Presidents audio by VOA, Straight Talk Africa