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Namibia’s Community Identity and Tourism

In this episode of the MYD Earth Show, we speak to the Director of Environment and Tourism at the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in Namibia, Dr. Sem Shikongo.

“I think one has to consider that everything that we do, and the fundamental element of the tourist experience IS the environment, because that’s the platform within which everything takes place.”

Dr. Shikongo shares here about the importance of sustainable conservation for wildlife and the positive effects of tourism for Namibia.

“We need to manage the destination, but it’s not always easy because you need resources; you need the technical knowhow; you need skills; an understanding of echo system management and of the interconnectedness of nature. I think indigenous people, our elders, they understood this intuitively. They knew that which I do to the land, I do unto myself.”

Take a listen to the MYD Earth Show with Dr. Sem Shikongo here: