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Namibia’s Conservation Hero of 2015

“Without him, his team and the local people who provide information it would be impossible to catch poachers and bring them to trial.”

2015 was a year marked as one of great commitment, dedication and passion by many conservationists in Namibia. This year we saw the public sector mobilize alongside the private sector to protect our wildlife, and with all the efforts in the pipeline we expect to see more such courageous efforts by Namibians in the year to come. However as 2015 comes to a close and we look back over the year that was, we would be missing some of our great moments were we not to pay tribute to the great conservationists of the year, and one especially in particular.

Geofrey Tukuhupwela, was this year’s winner of the Namibian conservationist of the year award 2015, a true Namibian conservation hero.

Nominated by big game concession holders in the Zambezi Region who state that without his dedication the anti-poaching and law enforcement success would be significantly lower in that part of the country. Geofrey is a Ministry of Environment and Tourism Game Ranger based in Bwabwata National Park West.

Travel News Namibia interviewed people working with Geofrey who explain that “without him, his team and the local people who provide information it would be impossible to catch poachers and bring them to trial. 80% of the recent success in apprehending poachers is due to dedicated rangers like Geofrey. His knowledge of the area, people on the ground who trust him, and his experience with law enforcement ensure that cases go through the justice system.”

In addition, Geofrey, has proved he is a Namibia with great vision who works to see that vision become a reality. “In 1997 he was involved in the process of setting up the Mayuni Conservancy with Garth Owen-Smith of Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation (IRDNC), a Namibian NGO that strives to improve the lives of rural people. He is a respected figure and a role model and works hard for what he believes in. He was unit co-ordinator for IRDNC and started anti-poaching units in Mashi, Mayuni and the Wupara conservancies.”

As the year draws to a close, we as Namibians can be proud of the efforts of our hero’s in many sectors, such as of Geofrey who is our conservationist hero of 2015.

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