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NBL says it #TakesANation – Drink,  Shop and Socialize Responsibly!

Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) Managing Director Marco Wenk recently gave 99FM a breakdown of the #TakesANation campaign which takes the message of responsible consumption to the next level. 

Considering the disastrous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, NBL is encouraging Namibians to be more responsible about their drinking. Yes, it has been proven that NBL has the best products in the world, but remember, there’s nothing better than being a responsible consumer!

To support efforts to lessen the impact of COVID-19 on Namibians, NBL encourages every Namibian to help flatten the curve by: 


  • Shopping Responsibly


For every confirmed Covid-19 case in Namibia, there are at least 90 000 healthy

Namibians who are putting extra effort into preventing further infections. These exceptional Namibians are doing so at the frontline as security personnel or as responsible shoppers in busy retailers. 


  • Socializing Responsibly 


When you shop in moderation and maintain safe social distances, and the next shopper does the same, it means you’re both choosing to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, together. 


  • Drinking responsibly


Tap into your phenomenal power to inspire and increase responsible behaviour in others.

Drink responsibly and help inspire healthy habits in others.

To hear Marco give more details on the #TakesANation campaign, listen to the full interview here: