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#TheTribeExclusive featuring Elemotho

He stands tall as one of Namibia’s music giants. He has travelled the world to perform his authentic brand of African music on the biggest international stages. He has won countless awards for his great contribution to the musical and cultural heritage of the country, the continent and the world. 

His name is Elemotho. 

Back in Namibia after moving his country to the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, Elemotho joined #TheTribeExclusive for a chat about the move and life in the time of COVID-19.

His time in Lesotho was not only great for reflection and introspection. He also used it to work on his current album which is a tribute to the Batswana people of Southern Africa. 

This work is a tribute to my love of the history of the Batswana people, my love of the region and Africa,” he says passionately.

While this time in Lesotho helped him write most of his new songs, everything came to a stop after the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

“We ran back home because we don’t know what’s happening. Nobody knows what’s happening so it’s a very confusing time but here we are.”

The first song off the album was done before he moved to Maseru with his family and the rest afterwards.

He describes one of the singles titled ‘Kalahari’ as a  tribute to his roots. 

“I thought I would trace my roots through this song, trace the history of the region, of our people.”

A stay at home dad who loves spending time with his kids, Elemotho says that this tribute is also for his children. He hopes that they will learn more about their heritage through these songs. 

He advises fellow men to enjoy and celebrate their roles as parents. 

“I think we men need to look into our role as parents as we enter this new future. We should look at what it means to be with our children, what it means to be with ourselves, in our minds, in our spirit.”

While the time off from performing and travelling has been good for reflecting, he looks forward to hitting the road again. 

But for now, chilling around at home, spending quality time with his family and making music is enough for this living legend. 

Listen to the interview here: