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NTF: Rent Control Board Should Come Up with Workable Solutions to Accommodate Investors

The Affirmative Repositioning Movement recently announced that Government did not reach its deadline of 1 August 2016 to establish a Rent Control Board as was agreed in a meeting held on 11 April early this year. On 09 August 2016 the Office of the Prime Minister responded to the AR’s statement with regards to progress made to establish the Rent Control Board. The OPM stated that as per the conclusion at the 11 April 2016 meeting at State House, the Estate Agent Board was consulted. It further noted that the actual implementation of the regulation of rent by the Rent Control Board will be undertaken by the Board after due consultation with relevant stakeholders. The OPM said the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development as the designated Ministry for administering the Rent Ordinance, will appoint and exercise oversight function over the Rent Control Board.

Spotlight News sat down with Mr. Robert Simon, Policy Analyst at the Namibia Trade Forum (NTF) on the establishment of a Rent Control Board, what is expected from the board, the progress on the establishment and whether Commercial Property owners will also be affected once the board is in place.


-Interview by Maggie Forcelledo