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A Business Built on Good Advice

“Mentors offer many benefits which doesn’t just benefit your business but also your personal life.”

Personal Growth and Life Fulfilment is the motto of this new Namibian business that is looking to empower young people, families and communities to master their arts. The company, Arts Master Consultancy (AMC), says they are about unlocking potential and through development in areas such as emotional intelligence, communication and balance are hoping to inspire a personal mastery culture in Namibia. 99FM’s MYD Smart sat down with founder of AMC, Otto Kapuka, to talk about what inspired this inspired business and to get some advice on one step that can help us to master our arts today.

According to Otto, “People are a cornerstone of any developmental state.” He adds that, “we come from a background where we understand most of the challenges which are holding back people from realizing their full potential.”

OttoOtto has worked in facilitation and people development in Namibia as a community activist, he has also worked as a trainer and facilitator for Life/Life Childline. He says it was his dream to assist individual Namibians to reach their full potential through the realization of their passion and that with the sharpening of their skills they will master the art of this passion. Otto explains that “Mastering individual art is a skill on its own. Every one of us has that potential within us.”

While AMC is a business built on mastery through learning and development, Otto has a piece of good advice that can be helpful to everyone, in business and in life, and can be applied right now.

Advice, Advisors and Mentors

Otto notes that in life, sometimes the advice we need is just around the corner.

“Mentors offer many benefits which doesn’t just benefit your business but also your personal life. They’ve been there and done that. You can learn from your mentor’s mistakes and avoid making them yourself. You can talk to someone who is an unbiased third party. They see you for you. Your mentor may notice potential in you that you might not see in yourself. Better yet, they are not your boss so you don’t have to worry about things coming up in your review. And, they are not your parents so you can actually listen to them! They have a whole different network of contacts and connections that you don’t. These connections are priceless and can help enhance your career in ways you couldn’t yourself. It’s the best free service you could ever get. And you’ll probably gain a life-long friend. Your mentor may introduce you to a career path or business opportunity that you did not know existed before.”

When asked who his mentor is, Otto says “My Mentor is Siegfried Josua Neumann for simple reasons yet major reasons; He helps me to find a balance between my personal life and business life. He has vast experience in consultancy work and that will benefit me as an individual going ahead in life.”

Get in touch with AMC through their website by clicking here : AMC or by emailing info@amcnamibia.com