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The Oakhurst Smart Driving Challenge for Charity

So the challenge is on – who will walk away the winning driver – will it be one of the leading ladies, or will it be the Big Ben? Ready steady-DRIVE.

Follow three Namibian celebrities; Dillish Mathews, Lize Ehlers and Big Ben,  as they take on the Oakhurst Smart Drive Challenge. Each driver will do their best to drive smart, and the winning celebrity will get to donate N$10 000 to their choice of charity courtesy of Quanta Insurance.

Follow the Oakhurst Smart Drive Challenge exclusively on 99fm and you too can learn to be as Smart Driver.

WEEK 1: Big Ben is in the lead – hoping to win the donation for his charity : “1000 Tears Self Defense Project”.  The project is driven by members of the Big Ben Fan Club and aims to hire a trained self-defense instructor to provide a series of basic self-defense demonstration and instruction workshops for women and the vulnerable in and around urban Windhoek. Eventually, those who receives the first training will be able to visit schools and present self-defense videos and talks to school kids to help them protect themselves on way to and from schools.









How does it work?

Quanta Insurance installed a special Oakhurst driver tracking device in the car of each of the contestants that will monitor their driving. The more cautiously they drive, the more points they get and the winner will receive N$10 000 to donate to their choice of charity, courtesy of Quanta Insurance.

What’s in it for me?

Call Quanta Insurance to find out how you can save on your insurance with by driving “smartly”.  Quanta will fit the Oakhurst tracker in your car and the smarter you drive, the less you will pay for your car insurance.

For more information on how to drive & save, visit www.quanta.com.na