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Finding Fun In Healthy Eating

Combining skills and a shared passion for healthy eating, one couple decided to turn learning about healthy eating and how best to sustain our bodies, into an experience that is both memorable and fun. Annalien and Eddie Turner are the names behind Foodle©, a board game that is all about learning about food, what’s good, what’s true and what’s not.

Annalien, a registered dietitian, is from Eat Clean Namibia. Her husband Eddie a chartered accountant. Together the two developed a board game that focuses on nutrition and learning. This game has gone on to receive acclaim internationally and won a series of awards while educating young and old on the myths of the nutritional industry and sharing some amazing food facts.

pic1579539_md99FM’s MYD Heart spoke to Annalien Turner about what it was like to develop a board game and why she feels education about food is empowerment.

99FM’s MYD Heart asked :

Tell us about Foodle and why you developed this game?

“The Foodle board game was developed to introduce children and adults to the amazing world of food.”

“My husband and I are both passionate about food, fun and healthy living. This motivated us to develop and launch Foodle in 2009. The game is well researched and based on sound scientific research plus it makes learning about food fun.

What makes you passionate about teaching people about healthy eating?

“I love the empowerment that comes with education and understanding nutrition and the art of food. I am scientifically orientated and it is very rewarding to explain something that is so complex yet so simple, such as food, and then see how people share in the wonder of nutrition.”

healthy-fooddWhat was it like to develop such a game?

“It was exciting but it was also very hard work. A lot of research had to be done for the question and answer cards. We also did a lot of testing the dynamics of playing Foodle.”

How is it a learning tool?

“The question and answer cards give an explanation to the questions, thus you learn and understand more about nutrition. But it’s not only about learning, it is also about fun. There are cards where you have to move forwards or backwards or do an activity.”

1330973_100913142255_img_5272If you want to test your nutrition IQ and learn about food in a way that will enable you to make better food choices, then this game is for you.

Foodle© is described as a fun food board game for the whole family. Laugh while you learn and learn while you laugh. Health has never been this much fun. If you want to get yourself one of these games in either English or Afrikaans, get in touch with Eat Clean Namibia via their website by clicking here