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Pick n Pay Celebrates 20 Years with Angelo Morkel!

Pick n Pay is celebrating 20 Years of impacting Namibian lives!

To commemorate this great achievement Pick n Pay has teamed up with 99FM’s Kirsty Watermeyer to tell the great stories of all those behind the scenes!

To kick things off Kirsty sat down with Angelo Morkel whose unlikely journey took him from grocery packer to Regional Manager.

Packing bags and I was just looking at how my colleagues were doing it. I said to myself at that time, I will not be a till packer forever…From there on I was promoted as a shelf packer.. later on I was promoted as a floor supervisor. I think I had a  passion for retail straight out of school.”

At Pick n Pay every year you do your growth plan and that same year I just filled it in again and I wanted to become a Store Manager.”

“The employees all became like a family because at the end of the day it’s all about the employees, it’s all about the people.”

I want the employees to be free, they can say what they want and I have a philosophy in terms of the employees, if you do have a happy employee then you going to have a productive employee.”

I always tell  employees, when you are driving from home or you in a taxi or in a  bus, think about your workplace and think about how you can change your work and tell us how you can make your workplace much better.”

Pick n Pay, Inspired by you.