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Namibia’s Icons Share Parenting Wisdom on OneAfrica’s New Show “Africa Is Waiting”

Get ready for a show that delves into the heart of parenting and ignites a fire for a brighter future! OneAfrica is thrilled to announce the upcoming premiere of “Africa Is Waiting” (AIW), hosted by the captivating Pombili Shilongo.

A Glimpse into the Journey of Parenting:

AIW takes viewers on a captivating journey alongside prominent Namibian figures like Lazarus Jacobs, Job Amupanda, Alisa Amupolo, Sven Thieme, and many more. These inspiring individuals are not only shaping the future of their families but also shaping society as a whole. Through heartfelt conversations and insightful discussions, they offer a window into the triumphs and challenges of raising children.

More Than Just Parenting Tips:

While AIW provides valuable insights and experiences from these exemplary parents, the show goes beyond just parenting tips. It carries a powerful message of empowerment for the younger generation.  AIW uses motivational narratives to encourage children to respect their parents and education, recognizing their potential as future leaders and changemakers.  The show celebrates the opportunities available to young people today and inspires them to pursue careers that contribute to Africa’s progress.

A Collaboration for Positive Change:

“OneAfrica is committed to showcasing impactful content that resonates with Namibian audiences,” says Sebastian Gowaseb, OneAfrica Channel Manager.  He continues, “Pombili’s ‘Africa Is Waiting’ series perfectly aligns with this mission, fostering positive conversations around parenting and empowering youth. We’re honored to showcase this inspiring and well-produced Namibian show on our channel.”

Pombili Shilongo, host of AIW, shares her excitement about the show’s potential.  “Partnering with OneAfrica to bring ‘Africa Is Waiting’ to a wider audience is a privilege,” she says. “Together, we can ignite a movement for positive change, empowering parents and inspiring future generations across Africa.”

Don’t Miss Out!

“Africa Is Waiting” premieres Tuesdays at 7:30 PM on GOtv 24 and DStv 284.  Can’t catch it live? No problem! Stream the series for free anytime, anywhere on oneafrica.tv. Join the conversation and be part of the movement for a brighter future in Africa!

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