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#Well(th) Talks with Ralf Duvel – Portfolio Manager – Ashburton Investments

Unit trusts and Collective Investment Schemes (CISs) are popular investment vehicles that offer individuals a way to pool their money together to invest in a diversified portfolio of assets. Both of these investment structures provide investors with access to a range of investment opportunities that may not be easily accessible on an individual basis.

Both unit trusts and CISs provide investors with an efficient way to access diversified investment portfolios managed by professional fund managers. Whether through unit trusts or other forms of CISs, investors can benefit from pooling their resources with others to achieve their investment goals while mitigating risks associated with individual investments.

Enabling the non-banking sector to speak with one voice and representing the unified goal of ensuring that the Namibian savings and investment industry remains relevant and sustainable, the Namibia Savings & Investment Association (NaSIA) is on a mission to empower individuals through financial literacy. Through a nationwide campaign, NaSIA is spreading awareness and knowledge, ensuring every Namibian can make informed decisions about their financial future.

With over 70 unit trusts to choose from, tailored to suit investors of all levels, the possibilities are endless. Ralf Duvel, Portfolio Manager at NaSIA member, Ashburton, highlights the accessibility and diversity of investment options available, inviting you to embark on your investment journey today!

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#Well(th) Talks with Ralf Duvel – Portfolio Manager – Ashburton Investments