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The Sunday Night Movie Review – “Fall”

Sunday Night Movie review | Fall

This Sunday, Sibo and Shona were caught on the edge of their seats as they watched DSTV’s latest Sunday Night movie, Fall. This 2022 thriller has an intimate cinematography style that makes the viewer feel like the third climber on the 2000-foot TV signal Tower. 

Becky is still reeling from a devastating loss while Shiloh is filming her thrill seeking adventures for a social media audience. She asks her viewers to dare her to do even more dangerous stunts and outrageous climbs so they can live vicariously through her. The long time friends and climbers decide to take on the tower as a way for Becky to get back into climbing.

The film opens with vultures picking at an animal carcass in the desert. Shona is convinced this was enough of an omen to send him home again. Nothing good comes after that and these women seem to live in constant danger. Sibo had a few shouting-at-the-TV moments, yelling “The ground has not hurt your feelings!” as the women continue to defy death.

The film is a nail biting exploration of love, loss and redemption. Hunter and Connor’s character arcs are notable, each grows through the film and is a different person by the end. However, we have to ask how much of their growth is real and how much is imagined? #nospoilers 

The ending was a serious plot twist and seems to blur the line between reality and the fictions we tell ourselves in order to survive.

Catch the Sunday night movie on M-Net channel 102 or on Catch-up and join Sibo every Monday morning at 7:30 for her take. 


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