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Yango Introduces New Safety Measures with Speed Control Feature

Yango, the leading ride-hailing service in Namibia, is taking proactive steps to enhance the safety of drivers and riders alike with the introduction of a new speed control feature in the Yango Pro app. This innovative technology represents Yango’s commitment to fostering a safer transportation environment for everyone involved.

The new speed control feature in the Yango Pro app is designed to monitor driving styles in real-time, ensuring a smoother and safer ride experience for both drivers and passengers. Key features include the app’s ability to  detect harsh vibrations, including instances of hard braking, providing instant feedback to drivers on their driving behavior. In the event that a drivers driving style requires adjustment to ensure a smoother and safer arrival, the real-time notifications feature alerts the driver instantly to make this adjustment.

In addition, drivers who demonstrate responsible driving habits will receive priority in trip requests distribution, ensuring a fair and equitable allocation of rides on the top priority feature of the app. On the other hand, the safety thresholds feature ensures that drivers that do not comply with safety guidelines and incur repeated instances of harsh driving behavior, may experience a reduction in trip requests and potentially face temporary restrictions on their access to the service.

It’s imperative for drivers to drive responsibly and always prioritize safety. By adhering to safer driving practices, drivers not only contribute to their own well-being but also uphold the safety standards of the entire Yango community.

“We are deeply committed to the safety and well-being of our drivers and riders. The introduction of the new speed control feature underscores our dedication to promoting responsible driving behavior and creating a secure environment for all’’. stated Yango Country Manager Kumwe CJ Dumeni.

Yango encourages all drivers to embrace this new safety measure as part of their commitment to providing the best possible experience for passengers. By driving responsibly and staying attentive to speed and braking patterns, drivers play a crucial role in ensuring a safer and more enjoyable ride for everyone.

As Yango continues to prioritize safety initiatives, it remains steadfast in its mission to deliver reliable, convenient, and secure transportation services across Namibia. Together, let’s drive responsibly and stay safe on the roads.

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