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Problems That Deliver Possibilites

“Fall in love with the problems because finding a solution to a problem is innovation, and once you innovate, you create.”

Driving innovation and using recycled items while they do, is what these two successful Namibia entrepreneurs are about. The two are, Aska Orlale and Taleni Matheus, the names behind M&O Designs which manufactures décor products using recycled materials, such as cardboard boxes, and wine bottles. When they first started their business, the two inspired us on MYD with their innovative and determined approach. Now, more than a year later 99FM’s MYD Smart caught up with Aska and Taleni to find out what their learnings in business have been and how innovation is key to growing industry.

99FM’s MYD Smart asked :

What has been happening at M&O Designs?

mo“M&O got a mega boost through a grant for NCRST. We are now able to afford machinery that we could only dream of when we started. We got a bigger premises installed in machinery that we need to kickstart our décor project.”

What learnings have you gained as business owners?

“The most vital lesson we have learned so far is that starting a business is not a walk in the park, especially when you have to jiggle and juggle between your studies and business. Secondly, we learned that you don’t just wake up and start making sales instantly, business requires time. Time to understand what your business needs, the skills, your market etc.”

What advice would you have for other entrepreneurs in starting and growing a business?

“Starting is the first and easy step into starting a business, maintaining the mo-5enthusiasms that prompted you to start the business is everything. So when choosing to start business, choose something you’re passionate about, the kind of business that excites you and you count the hours to waking up just so you can continue to build what you have started. I once attended a seminar were one of the speakers said fall in love with the problems, because finding solutions to those problems is innovation, and once you innovate, you create and you get to trade your solutions.”

You have made a business using recycle material, would you advise more Namibians to look at creative ways to build a business that also helps the environment?

mo3“We have noticed that there are plenty of people tapping into the recycling industry and it thrills us, and we would like to encourage more people to look at creative ways to curb environmental degradation (littering etc). It does not require much to start, and there are endless pools of possibilities of what one can recycle. Can you believe that there are denim pants out there made of out plastic bottles?”

What’s next for Taleni and Aska?

“With the grant from NCRST we have added a wide range of products to our gift box range.”

Any advice for fellow Namibians starting their own business?

“We would just like to encourage our fellow Namibians to take up opportunities that arise. NCRST has calls for funding innovative proposals, take that opportunity, you have nothing to lose, just more to gain. Attend workshops and seminars and network and engage.”



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