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Reaching on-top of the ladder with Nadine Liebenberg

At just 25, Nadine Liebenberg, is the acting General Manager At Sunshine Tours.

She is one of the youngest woman in her position in the Transport and Logistics field in Namibia to date.

She talked to us about her journey….


Q: After high school you took a gap year. Why was it important that you do that?

A: I wanted to challenge myself and I was looking to do something other than just jump straight into college. I took a gap year with the idea of getting work experience not knowing it would be where I would be working till now.


Q: Tell us about Sunshine tours?

A: Sunshine Tours is a Transport based company in the business of people transfers whether it be for tourism or for corporate demands. By end of 2018, our fleet will consist of 67 buses, based in Windhoek, Swakopmund, Otjiwarongo and Tsumeb.


Q: How did you find yourself in Logistics and transport (sunshine tours)?

A: A funny story actually, my friend in high school at the time had told me that they were thinking of applying for a job right after high school and she did not want to do it alone so with the idea of giving support I decided to apply as well not knowing that the job recruitment agency would call me back and ask me if I was interested in a job at a logistics company in Swakopmund. I took that job (Sunshine Tours) and as one would say, the rest is history.


Q: Would you say the logistics and transport sector in Namibia is a conducive field for woman to work in, seeing as it’s still  such a male dominated industry?

A: Yes, any sector is conducive, although there are always barriers to get past and in this industry its more gender related. The notion that the transport industry is just for men is something that I can say is completely false and I am testament to that. Without a doubt it will be hard to be grow in this industry but with the right mentorship and personal drive anything is possible.


Q: At 25, you’re one of the youngest Acting General Manager in the field of Logistics and transport. How did you do it?

A: I won’t lie and say that it was pretty easy. While juggling my new family at home as well as my new job I was placed in a situation where I had to absorb a multitude of new skills. I started doing night shift but luckily my employer gave me more and more responsibilities and tasks which gave me the much needed on-the-job skills that made it possible for my ascension in Sunshine Tours. This road has not been easy and due to stereotypes I was never perceived to be someone on an leadership role due to my age and gender, those were perceptions I had to break but I knew that would only come with hard work and determination. Actions speak louder than words.


Q: What keeps you motivated?

A: My family takes lead in my daily mantra for motivation, without the support of my husband I don’t think I would have had the time or motivation to do what I have done. My employer has played a huge part in why I am still here. He has mentored me into becoming the person I am now and without his trust in my abilities I don’t think I would have realized my own capabilities if he had not pushed me.