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Royal Hustlers – Success according to Victoria Muranda 

Few of us can proudly say we speak seven languages. Victoria Muranda, Manager of Corporate Communications at NAMFISA is an exception. She speaks KhoekhoeGowab, English, Afrikaans, Oshiwambo, Otjiherero and Ngangela – a true reflection of her growing up in post-colonial integrated Namibia.

Victoria is a Royal Hustler who has worked at some of the biggest organisations in Namibia until she took up her current position which she serves with passion and flair. 

Born and raised in Windhoek, she calls herself a “typical Katutura girl”. Her early childhood upbringing began in the Gemeente and Donkerhoek locations in Katutura. She then completed her Primary school at a Catholic Mission School in Grootfontein and later high school at Dobra. 

She is a UNAM graduate, being one of the first graduates from the media study group. 

“I always wanted to be in the Communications field but more the entertainment side. Those who went to school with me know that every talent show I was on stage, I was either dancing, singing or doing both. I would MC at the same time. I was your typical entertainer but I also loved writing and telling stories so naturally, God made provision for my gifts and here I am in Communications and PR.”

Victoria is an avid social entrepreneur who sees her side hustles as a way to help others. “I have always been that type of person who gives to people who need it more. If I have something to sell, I’ll rather sell it and give the money to a friend who needs it more,” she says.

Victoria defines success as the ability to better the lives of others. She is currently completing her MBA and wants to continue to inspire and motivate people.

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