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#TheTribeExclusive featuring DJ Spuzza

‘Soek Soek’ hitmaker DJ Spuzza AKA Slauterhouze has taken Namibia by storm with sizzling hits that put a new focus on the house music genre.

A relative newcomer to the game, Spuzza has already bagged a NAMAs 2020 nomination.

We spoke about his journey in music and getting to be one of the most celebrated young DJs in the country …

How did your music dream start?

I started to DJ as a hobby at school. In Grade 11 I would give away my mixes at school. My friends loved them and they encouraged me to take this seriously.

I took it a step up and in 2013 when I started to play at a butchery which was actually an undercover bar.

That’s incredible. Tell us more about that experience?

That’s where I began playing the drums. I liked the vibe and saw that the people also liked it because we started pulling a crowd.

My name came from there, you know a butchery is a slaughterhouse and we were playing house music in a butchery. That’s how DJ Spuzza Slaughterhouze came about.

How did the ‘Soek Soek’ song come about?

We went to the studio, we vibed, had some drinks, food, girls, hooked up pipes and the next thing we knew we were in the booth.

At one point Chester heard me say the phrase “Soek Soek” and was also like “no bra you can’t say that”. I told him there are no rules in music. We want to break barriers with this thing.

How does it feel to be nominated for a NAMAs 2020 award?

Eish, the NAMAS. I didn’t even expect it because I didn’t enter for the Awards.

But I’ve been a student of the game and noticed that talented people hardly win awards. They usually lose their spirit. They lose direction. I was actually at home and then I got a call that we got nominated. For me, it’s like a blessing for the entire team who made the song.

I feel like it’s God you know just trying to show us that we are headed in the right direction. 

If his current work ethic is anything to go by, we’ll be seeing much more of DJ Spuzza as he leads a new generation of Namibian musicians. We hope that he continues to inspire other DJs to know that the sky is the limit and to dream beyond the spinning the decks. 

Remember to vote for DJ Spuzza for the NAMAs by texting SOY2 to the number: 266262. SMSs are charged at N$3.00. Follow him on Instagram @Spuzza_Slaughterhouze, on Twitter @SpuzzaN and on Facebook – DJ Spuzza.

Listen to the full interview below: